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FMGR - Attorneys in Southern Illinois Feirich, Mager, Green, Ryan - Attorneys in Southern Illinois
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The largest group of professional attorneys in this region of Southern Illinois.

FMGR attorneys stand ready to support you as skilled, responsive, and effective legal counsel. Some of their specialties include Insurance Defense and Coverage, Workers Compensation and Occupational Disease Defense, Employment Law, Business Formation and Compliance, and Medical Defense / Hospital Defense / Nursing Home Defense. Areas served include Williamson County, Jackson County, Union County, Saline County, and Perry County.

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Related Keywords: Insurance defense, Insurance litigation, Worker’s compensation, Coal mine defense, Medical malpractice defense, Automobile liability, Premises liability, Employment Law, Age Discrimination, Sex Discrimination, ADA Discrimination, General Corporate Law, Medical Negligence, Insurance Coverage, Declaratory Judgment Litigation, Medical Malpractice Litigation, Product Liability, Professional Liability, Worker's Compensation Defense, Business litigation, Civil Rights defense, Appellate Practice, Civil appeals, Black Lung Employment Litigation, Williamson County, Jackson County, Union County, Saline County, and Perry County.

Service Areas

Insurance Defense and Coverage - Williamson County, Medical Defense / Hospital Defense / Nursing Home Defense - Jackson County, Workers Compensation and Occupational Disease Defense - Union County, Governmental and Municipal Entity Defense - Saline County, Business Formation and Compliance - Perry County, Business and Banking Law - Williamson County, Real Estate Law - Jackson County, Estate Planning, Taxation, Asset Protection, Bankruptcy, and Probate Law - Union County, Employment Law - Saline County, Appellate Practice - Perry County, Arbitration and Mediation - Williamson County, Coal Mine Defense - Jackson County, Family Law - Union County, Williamson County, Jackson County, Union County, Saline County, and Perry County

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Contact Information

Contact FMGR via phone or email:

Phone: 618/529-3000
Toll Free: 800/455-2194


Primary Practice Areas

2001 West Main Street, P.O. Box 1570, Carbondale, IL 62903  |  618/529-3000
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