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Richard A. Green - Senior Counsel

Click here to email: rgreen@fmgr.com

Primary Areas of Practice:

Mr. Green was born in Murphysboro, Illinois and is a lifetime resident of southern Illinois. He received his bachelors degree from Southern Illinois University in 1968. In 1972, Mr. Green earned his juris doctor at the University of Illinois where he was awarded the Order of the Coif for superior academic performance.

Since law school, Mr. Green has devoted much of his time and energy in the training of law students and young attorneys in the field of trial technique. As an attorney with significant trial experience, Mr. Green is often a featured instructor at litigation training seminars and is an instructor for programs put on by the National Institute for Trial Advocacy. Mr. Green is also an experienced law professor having taught trial advocacy for Western Michigan University from 1979-1982 and for Southern Illinois University School of Law from 1981-1996.

Mr. Greenís practice centers around litigation of personal injury defense, products liability defense, and medical malpractice defense.

Mr. Green and his wife live in Murphysboro, Illinois. Many of his pastimes center around water, including scuba diving, fishing, and sailing.

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