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FMGR - Attorneys in Southern Illinois Feirich, Mager, Green, Ryan - Attorneys in Southern Illinois
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Arbitration and Mediation

FMGR's alternate dispute resolution (ADR) services are widely recognized and sought by defendants and plaintiffs, alike. FMGR arbitrators and mediators are dedicated to the success of these proceedings, to the benefit of all involved. Those successes are fostered through thorough preparation, resulting in a detailed understanding of the legal, practical, and emotional issues involved. FMGR not only provides skilled practitioners, but also comfortable surroundings and private meeting space in our 10,000 sq. ft. office facility. Together, these attributes provide an attractive, cost-effective environment to resolve disputes in cases which would, otherwise, be litigated.

This practice group is comprised of highly experienced counsel and is led by Richard Green, an active litigator since 1972. Mr. Green enjoys a mediation success rate in excess of 90 percent and frequently acts as the lead arbitrator (umpire) in three-arbitrator panels. Mr. Green is also commonly sought as a single arbitrator in matters where that is appropriate. Other senior members of this practice group include Michael F. Dahlen and John C. Ryan. Attorneys Dahlen and Ryan have vast litigation and appellate experience since 1974 and 1976, respectively. This practice group's long and diverse litigation experience has proven invaluable in the resolution of disputes through the combination of thoughtful legal knowledge and practical experience.

Whether alternate dispute resolution is required by court order or agreed to by the parties, FMGR's arbitrators and mediators will encourage thoughtful and effective proceedings toward conflict resolution.

FMGR Attorneys Practicing in this Field:

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